Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alright ladies and gents!!

Well, I don't update my blog much...O.K. not at all. Let me just give you a timeline on how my life has gone for the last little bit. I started getting a headache Sunday night, and then it began. It started out as a bit of stomach ache, still had my headache, then I got a sore throat, then a cough, and then a fever all on Monday night, that day sucked, minus my girlfriend taking care of me and being there for comfort :) so lucky to have her around, well needless to say I didn't end up going to work that day. Tuesday was also terrible a continued stomach ache, still had my headache, sore throat, cough, and then a fever of like 101.5 degrees ouch! Well Wednesday I was feeling pretty good so I went out with some friends. Thursday had a cough and sore throat, Friday same thing, and as well as Saturday. Sunday went to take care of my girlfriend who had gotten this sickness from me when she had seen me, it hit her on Saturday, meanwhile at the old homestead my whole family had gotten sick from this and they got taken down on Thursday and most are still down with it. So we come to Monday I started the day off with strep, what a wonderful start, and ended it with headache, strep, cough, and a fever. What a wonderful combination. Tuesday I of course have all those same things, and got to lie around all day in pain trying to swallow. Also note to self do not accidentally swallow salt water with baking soda in it, it makes you puke, all sorts of unhappy things. Come today I go to the dr get a prescription to rid this thing from my body hope it works it’s just some penicillin.

Then besides that, obviously I have gotten a girlfriend and if you read my last post you wouldn’t have been able to tell I would’ve ended up with one eh? Hehe. An amazing woman and I am a very lucky guy.

On another note, I should be turning in my mission papers very soon, it is taking a little bit extra to pay off the debt and has extended my deadline by a bit bishop is aware of the extension and I am not aware of any problems that will cause any problems.

The basement is almost finished which means a renter can come in and pay for use of the basement which will help my family get on track for paying things off and stabilizing the economy. Ha-ha! Well this should provide as a very nice update.


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Get dem papers done sir! Do it! Do it naow!

Jessica said...

I was really happy to see you during the Holidays even though we couldn't spend much time together! :)