Sunday, August 31, 2008

An awesome reference

So when I was playing Exalted on Saturday night with some friends we were thinking about what we could do to bribe a 'god' a forest god to be specific, so we offer to put in a good word with the Unconquered Son, effectively the one in power 'The' God. A friend happens to mention that, you don't have that kind of connection with the UC (the unconquered son), my response is "Me and the UC go way back." "We are tight, like this" *Crosses fingers*, "I taught him everything he knows"

Only some of people will get this reference and I think that I will have effectively killed Sam. :) Thanks for reading and perhaps committing suicide by some definitions.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not much, just a laugh at my RL.

The rest of the basement is cleared out, and now we're going to work on figuring out how we're going to get it and the walk out finished. my hours at work are going back up to 40 a week. haha...maybe if I can get there on time, I might have a decent enough check to pay for things. Unlike Sam I don't have all these witty posts I could put up to make people laugh, I only have real life, which is really sad that people can look at my real life and laugh. We got a ping pong table. :D that's gonna be awesome, got all sorts of things happening hopefully they will happen quickly so I can get back to being lazy I liked that rather a lot. ;) Well that's pretty much it for now, hopefully I'll have more funny for you tomorrow. Talk to ya soon.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm slacking

I think I need to catch up to Nanti in posts, I am seriously lacking in posts and nobody cares. :( Rofl. But then again although I have a lot more time on the computer than Nanti does it would appear he gets done more than me. Tell me of your secret oh wise and masterful anti-time waster. I must know what you know, teach me master and I will eagerly learn of all your wise and profound knowledge.

There's not much to tell.

We have two thirds of the basement cleared out of all the junk and trash and we are now in the process of finishing that part. My room is finally getting 'real' carpeting in it, i'm excited. My room will be finished, it's going to take forever to get the carpet installed though. All of THREE weeks, that's right I said THREE WEEKS!!! After they measure the carpet, that's still an entire week away. A full month for carpeting to get done, isn't that a little bit ridiculous.

The house is in our name now, we went yesterday to look for cars because the current car is completely crapping out, MPG of upwards 18 Mpg that is also a little bit ridiculous, we're moving up to a much better MPG which should be around low 30's city and mid 30's highway so we're pretty happy about that, I will know tomorrow if we got the car or not.

Now about my mission. I am continuing of course and have a large movement of people looking to get me on my mission. Many people at work, a whole slew of people in my ward and what it would seem an even larger amount of friends eager to find out where I go. There's not much left to do. Just get my bishop to turn the papers in and I'll have a very short time left here. :) That will be an exciting time.

I beleive that is all I have to catch everyone up on what is going on so I will leave you with that. Thanks for reading and dont have too much fun i get jealous.