Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updates On My Life w/More to come.

New TOYS!!!

I recently have gotten new toys that have been keeping me pretty busy. One of those being a PS3 when it’s not at my girlfriends house. I have several games for that, favorite so far is Ghost-Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter. Awesome game, makes you focus on strategy, getting around corners without getting wholes dotted throughout your body, and working with your other members in your group to make sure they go to the right place and are in the correct firing position and everything to not get pelted themselves. Strategy first person shooter very fun, and realistic.
The other new toy I got…well not necessarily a new toy but another game that has kept me busy is Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, just plain awesome storyline, graphics are fantastic and the new units and levels are amazingly fresh and nothing like I expected


I also enrolled in school which is a hilarious story on its own, but because I haven’t updated in so long I’m trying to catch you all up very quickly. So here’s the story in a nutshell *breaths in deep* A week before school deadline for enrollment I decided I wanted to go to school. So day 1 I file my application, day 2 I do financial aid, day 3 I get my student information filled out the required school information. Then I waited for that to be done, day 7 I selected my classes and I was enrolled in school. That was an adventure.
At the moment I am only enrolled in 1 class HTML, XHTML, and Dynamic HTML is what I’ll be learning about. It’s a good preview into the programming side of computer science which is the degree that I’ll probably end up going for, I want to take a hardware class which will give me the troubleshooting and hardware knowledge side of things. Which is what I originally though I was more interested in, however the programming side is becoming more and more interesting and challenging (which I am loving the challenge and satisfaction of solving a problem). For now I will stick with what I have and see where it takes me.


The third and most importantly is my new found social and love life. My cute girlfriend and soon to be fiancé and future wife to be who will be referred to as Audgie. I spend a lot of time with her, watching movies, talking, going out to eat, cooking wonderful home cooked meals, and trying to get in as much time with our friends as possible, cause it is so fun to spend time with her. I’ll give a link to her blog when I get one *hint hint* Winking smile hehe.


Until my next post I will leave you with this so far and hope to see much more of you all in the near future.

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