Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Green Giants Bean House

So I've been working on helping my parents do some remodeling. Well tomorrow is the appraisal and we still have to do so much stuff and yet we're so close to getting everything finished. So I took tomorrow off and I'll be doing the electrical and getting that so we can pass for the appraisal/inspection type thing. That's pretty much the only thing we have left besides drill some cupboard doors back onto the kitchen cupboards. We want to sand, prime and paint them before putting them up but I doubt that will happen as we're short on time anyway. I'm taking a break right now because my toe is killing me when I walk forward. Well I suppose that this is about it for this blog post. I'll let ya'll know how it went when I do my next post tomorrow evening. TTFN :)

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I_is_Sam said...

My brother has his mission papers submitted! Get on the ball!!!