Thursday, June 19, 2008

So much

Wow so much to tell. Ok so we moved the appraisal to Monday cause we really did have too much to do. Last night we got the paperwork for the house done and able to get all that finished and get the money to pay off several things. We got the cupboard doors replaced, so now just a little more electrical work to do and the cupboards and the garage and the last wall in the bathroom to be done. My room is primed and now I need carpet and need to paint which I'm trying to figure out what colors I want. I think red, white, and blue. Red and blue walls, white ceiling. Superman/Spider-Man colors, and a white ceiling to reflect the light back down and not make it too dark in the room. It's gonna be exciting when I'm finally finished, as it will be done so soon. :) Anyway that's my rant as far as what I've been up to.

Edit: It would appear that the red/white/blue thing just isn't going to work out as it's truly far too much color and I just don't think it's necessary right now.

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